This page lists some examples of what you can make with Metacontroller.

If you'd like to add a link to another example that demonstrates a new language or technique, please send a pull request against this document.


CompositeController is an API provided by Metacontroller, designed to facilitate custom controllers whose primary purpose is to manage a set of child objects based on the desired state specified in a parent object. Workload controllers like Deployment and StatefulSet are examples of existing controllers that fit this pattern.

CatSet (JavaScript)

CatSet is a rewrite of StatefulSet, including rolling updates, as a CompositeController. It shows that existing workload controllers already use a pattern that could fit within a CompositeController, namely managing child objects based on a parent spec.

BlueGreenDeployment (JavaScript)

BlueGreenDeployment is an alternative to Deployment that implements a Blue-Green rollout strategy. It shows how CompositeController can be used to add various automation on top of built-in APIs like ReplicaSet.

IndexedJob (Python)

IndexedJob is an alternative to Job that gives each Pod a unique index, like StatefulSet. It shows how to write a CompositeController in Python, and also demonstrates selector generation.


DecoratorController is an API provided by Metacontroller, designed to facilitate adding new behavior to existing resources. You can define rules for which resources to watch, as well as filters on labels and annotations.

For each object you watch, you can add, edit, or remove labels and annotations, as well as create new objects and attach them. Unlike CompositeController, these new objects don't have to match the main object's label selector. Since they're attached to the main object, they'll be cleaned up automatically when the main object is deleted.

Service Per Pod (Jsonnet)

Service Per Pod is an example DecoratorController that creates an individual Service for every Pod in a StatefulSet (e.g. to give them static IPs), effectively adding new behavior to StatefulSet without having to reimplement it.

Customize hook examples

Customize hook is addition to Composite/Decorator controllers, extending information given in sync hook of other objects (called related) in addition to parent.


ConfigMapPropagation is a simple mechanism to propagate given ConfigMap to other namespaces, specified in given objects. Source ConfigMap is also specified. This is also an example how Status subresource should be handled.

Global Config Map

Global Config Map is similar to ConfigMapPropagation. but populates ConfigMap to all namespaces.

Secret propagation

Secret propagation is modyfication of ConfigMapPropagation concept, using label selector on Namespace object to choose where to propagate Secret.